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"Beautiful, uplifting experience"

After many years of spiritual searching  Dianne has helped me to understand myself and in so doing, to reach a place of clarity and self-forgiveness.  My Soul Mandala is a constant reminder to me that I am a spiritual being with infinite potential. The reading about my past lives was actually mind-blowing as I could finally understand why  I have had negative blocks in my life. In all my connection with Dianne has been a beautiful and uplifting experience. (G.A.) 

"Everyone should have one!"

I can't believe how accurate my Soul Mandala is. It is very beautiful as well, and I was so excited to learn about my past lives which explain so much about me now. I think everyone should have one. (I.N.)

I am in awe of my Soul Mandala

 I am so in awe of my Soul mandala and the ability that Dianne  has to connect to my essence on such a deep level. 

When I use my mandala as a meditation tool, it brings peace and a sense of serenity that I’ve never experienced. It truly feels like the language of my Light. I resonate on all levels with the colours of my mandala

 I found the insights that I gained through the psychic information that Dianne gave with the mandala very valuable. It awakened truths that I’ve forgotten about .

Thank you Dianne for a memorable and valuable tool for my spiritual development. (A.B.)

"The explanation and feelings it invokes are spot on"


I had the privilege of having Di intuit my Soul Mandala and words cannot describe how deeply touched I was with that beautiful gift. Not knowing what to expect, I simply allowed Di to guide me through the very gentle process and the result was simply WOW. Not only is the Mandala itself incredibly beautiful, Di accompanies it with a reading of sorts – describing the different aspects of the Mandala and its unique characteristics, coupled with impressions of previous experiences my soul had chosen. I have sat with the words and the Mandala image many times and the explanation and feelings it invokes are spot on. In short, I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. B.B-K.

"Amazing tool"

Thank you Dianne for  this amazing tool  that I am now using for greater understanding of myself. I admit I was sceptical at first because I have been looking for  so long for guidance and hadn't had much success. You were spot on with your interpretation. My soul mandala is brilliant, and it has shown me that I can also be brilliant. P.B.

"What a gift you have"

Not much more that I can say except WOW! What an amazing psychic gift you have. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my brilliant Soul Mandala!  A.M.

"Accurate reading of my personality"

 I am new to readings and such things and my sister gave me a soul mandala reading as a birthday present. I thought it was a bit odd, but went along for fun. My mind has been w ell and truly blown by Dianne's accurate psychic reading of my personality, and some of the past lives she told me about made such a lot of sense. I am truly well impressed and plan to use it in my spiritual development. R.B.


"I was covered in goosebumps"


Dianne painted my soul mandala and I have to say I was blown away. I was skeptical - I had actually never even heard of one. I am the type of person who portrays to the work quite a different ‘mask’ to what is really going on inside. When Dianne started to speak about who I really was - I was covered in goosebumps - it all resonated completely with me. It was as if she really had seen into my soul. The whole experience was made all the more extraordinary by, that evening, being given a hand painted tile by my friend that was eerily similar to my mandala. Dianne is such a lovely, joyful person 💜💜💜 Vanessa

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