Soul Mandala Spiritual Reading


What I offer

  • An initial meeting via Skype at a prearranged time
  • An original and one-of-a-kind, hand painted Soul Mandala that is uniquely yours
  • The spiritual reading includes a full written interpretation of the colours and shapes in your Soul Mandala
  • A written description of any past lives that are shown in the psychic art work that is your Soul Mandala, and their relevance to you during this present incarnation
  • A 45 minute Skype meeting to go through the interpretation of your Soul Mandala and to answer any questions you may have. (This may take longer than 45 minutes.)

The benefit of a Soul Mandala

  • Meditating on your personal, unique Soul Mandala gives you stability and pulls you beyond yourself to become more whole,  more completely who you really are
  • Your Soul Mandala shows potential gifts you may have such as healing or artistic potential
  • Soul Mandalas have been useful to help young people choose a career path
  • Promotes greater awareness of Self and your place in the Cosmos
  • Helps to understand blocks or negative patterns
  • Promotes spiritual enlightenment