What people are saying about Soul Mandalas by Dianne

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Nature expresses herself by Mandalas

All life forms vibrate at a specific frequency. This vibration forms a pattern that unique to each individual life form - animal, vegetable or mineral.

As part of Nature, Human Beings have very distinct energetic vibrations that are created  by many influences in their lives - from their genetic make-up to their upbringing or even strong elements from past lives they have had.

Animals too have their own energetic vibration, as well as personality. Ask us about having a Spirit Mandala painted of your favourite pet

What is a Soul Mandala?



A mandala is a spiritual symbol representing the universe metaphysically or symbolically and a Soul Mandala reflects the current energetic vibration of an individual expressed in colour and form.

Mandalas based on spiritual knowledge are an important tool in Spiritual development. They provide an authentic glimpse into the subtle world for those who cannot look into it by themselves. 

Universal Language of Light


 The Universal Language of Light communicates through sacred geometry representing  the vibration of an entity. Dianne is able to tune into the personal vibration of an individual to see what is being communicated from a Soul Level in the language of light .